After 8 Months of Obsession, here is Watney my DIY Farmbot

It’s been a long build, but after months of slowly sourcing parts and assembling them, then another months’ worth of troubleshooting I have finally finished my bot enough to trust it to do its job. All while actually learning to garden at the same time. Watney is essentially a 24v Genesis v1.2, with an express tool head (for now), 5 meters on the x and 2 on the Y, I’ve managed to give myself 100 sq ft, of robotic controlled, undercover garden space. The project so far has been an absolute blast, it’s far from done though, the ideas and info on here will keep me busy for a while. That being said I really want to thank the team for the sharing of their ideas and remaining an open-source project. There is something amazing about building a machine like this from scratch, and you guys gave me all the resources to do so. So while I did not support your company very much financially, I do want to express my gratitude. I’m very excited to finally be able join this community past lurking and asking questions. I look forward to tinkering and exploring with everyone here.


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