Air pump data or link please?

I want to prototype an air powered weed stamper with action much like in this clip, with the difference it would have much slimmer shape, like a long pen.

What is not immediately obvious in the clip is its fast repetitive action - , like a sledge hammer or machine gun which at 600 shots/minute could seriously damage even bigger weeds in short time.

The advantage of a thin long tool would be ability to work very close to or even slip it through other plants canopy for precise weeding without harming them.

Simplicity is key, if the air pump has sufficient oompf that would be great

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The air pump which is used for seeding will never ever have enough “oompf” on the outlet. Pressured air installations usually have something between 8 and 10 Bar (115 - 145 psi). I sure that the pressures used for the stamper are within this range. Otherwise you wouldn’t have that speed and power.

Thanks, I’m aware its a low flow, low pressure pump and I never imagined it’s a 10 bar outlet.

It won’t go that crazy machine gun mode, but at the size of a farmbot garden there-s plenty of time.

Yet I still need to know actual pressure and airflow of the pump, in order to source one locally.

Ok, in one of presentation videos an image of the pump label is leaked. It seems very close to this one
Which from a power available perspective is quite nice, even with 1/3 of specified pressure & flow it should be able to push a 14mm “rod” with a ~800grams force at 10cm length and ~2Hz frequency.



Would be cool if you can share your success (or flop) with us. :smiley: