AlphaGarden Project at UC Berkeley

We are using a Farmbot for a new art and research project we call the “AlphaGarden”:

Artificial Intelligence has surpassed humans at games such as Go (AlphaGo), poker, and video games. Some predict that AI will soon surpass human intelligence. But can AI cultivate a garden?

As everyone on this list knows, gardens are complicated. They have been central to human culture since the Garden of Eden. Our previous project, the TeleGarden (1995-2004), used a living garden to explore human social interactions on the Internet. AlphaGarden will use a living garden to explore the potential and limitations of Artificial Intelligence and robotics in the context of plant biology, ecology, diversity, and sustainability.

We’ll post updates as things develop!


Welcome, @kengoldberg. We’re excited to see what you and your team come up with. Thanks for sharing!