Alternative Arduino Usage

If I choose the second method of running the farmbot, expand using arduino, should I follow this step? you.

What do you mean by “second method of running the farmbot”?

I connect line is ok, but the motor doesn’t move, I use a multimeter to measure motor pin, no voltage, this is where the problem?

It sounds like you have the system connected to the web app and when you tell FarmBot to move, it does not. Can you verify that you have the Arduino connected to the Raspberry Pi, and the Pi connected to the web app? Or is this not the case?

Perhaps you can share a photo of your electronics?

I use motor is one of Chinese 42 stepper motor, I have no connection encoder, because encoder is limiting its other functions, now I mainly want to let it move.thank you for your reply.

Sorry, I’m unable to help you troubleshoot this much. There is no way from the image to understand if your wiring is correct, and if you’re trying to run a NEMA 42 motor, I doubt that will work with the Pololu stepper drivers. You are best off following the open-source documentation much more closely or purchasing a complete kit.