Alternative material for the aluminion extrusion

Hello, I want to build a Farmbot buying some parts locally but in my country there is no aluminion in the shape of the extrusions of the farmbot.
So the question is, Which is the best sustitute. Can i use iron?


Which country is that?

Uruguay. Perhaps i dont know how to ask for them

Thanks, but the import taxes made imposible for me to buy them from USA

I belive that i saw pictures of farmbots without the extrusions. it’s true?

Yes that is the Farmbot Express.

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well, the conclusion is that, there aren’t any alternative material for the aluminion extrusion

Not really. Reason being is that the pathways have to be quite precise due to the rollers running on them and you need mostly at least two or three sides to mount different parts.

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For the Express the is except for the Y and Z axis.