Aluminum rail for the Farmbot Express XL

Hi there,

I would like to share a bit of our experience on the Catfarm with the Farmbot so far :smiley_cat:

We have installed an aluminium rail with the community for the Farmbot XL
This we have decided after already after just a few tries the wood started to wear and **
** have a track

With Tracks

Since the coefficiency of wood is different then of aluminium its important to make sure the track can expand a little bit. ( we have found this out the hard way, the tracks where bend and it looked like a roller coaster rail.)

We have max 3 mm of difference on the Y axle from end to end.

To lubricate the track a bit better we have started to use candle wax. More romantic and it made the Farmbot crash a lot less.


Your build looks great @Catfarm, you are a long way away from me, but somehow your environment seems closer with some photos.
Keep em coming!
Dave from Australia

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Iā€™m experiencing the same issues. Can you share what rail you used/where you got it, and any basic steps you went through to install it?

Looking more closely at the photos it looks like you used a long strip of aluminum. If so, what thickness and width did you use?


Chapel Hill, NC

its about 2 mm thick and 4 cm width.

Make sure you keep one mm space so that the rail can expand
Best to use lengths of two meter and also label the spot where the farmbot its 0 is for all axles. (with paint, or isolation tape)

Make sure to put a bit of candle wax on the aluminium(full length), that makes a world of a difference and takes you just two minutes.

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