Analog Input Pullup

Hoi zäme,

today I managed with great help from @ascend (thanks soo much!) to rewrite the arduino FW in order to delete the pullup of one analog input. This helped me to measure something meaningful with my Sharp 2Y0A21distance sensor.

Therefore my question is, how can I save this customized Arduino FW version? Next time you will modify something on the code @Gabriel this will be overwritten, right? Would you be so nice and disable the pullup for D1 and D57 for instance? Otherwise this will never ever work with updates I guess…

Some pics below:




@Gabriel could you please help!?

farmbot has a github-page`

My suggestion is:

  • make a branch of the arduino-firmware
  • commit all the code editings into your repo-branch

In case of farmbot doesn’t accept your pull-request:

When farmbot release a new firmware you could merge the farmbot-code into your repo so you automatically see some code-conflicts. After you solved the conflicts you can build the firmware. This action can be done manually or automatically from a Build-Server (sth like Jenkins or Travis-CI). The advantage of an build-server is that it serves the build through an url which can be fetched and installed by the farmbot-pi.

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Just out of curiosity:
Have you tested it outside. Normal sunlight will distort ir-measurements.

Hi @thanks for your suggestion!
I am just wondering why the hack it is so complicated for @Gabriel to change this one line in the code. The maintainability would anyhow need to be checked through the FB team, I don’t know how their system is built internally…

I did not test it yet, we’ll see :wink:

don’t really know. Maybe they think with an additional sensor it’s a new hardware version to protect the commerical against bugs or it isn’t tested in direct sunlight and they don’t understand the usecase for this IR-Sensor :wink:

We encourage the development and addition of new hardware and the IR sensor is a great idea. Thanks for posting your results, and we hope to see more once you take measurements!

While we haven’t had the opportunity to implement the option to toggle pin input pullup behavior yet, it is on our TODO list. We do not want to globally remove the pullup behavior for those pins, since that would affect other users who are expecting the input pullup behavior. With that in mind, the toggle feature would require changes to every component in the stack.

@Gabriel: I just saw that you have created a farmware to change the input / output definition which was last edited 10 days ago. Is that already in release state?

@Gabriel: someone @ home?