Any plans to integrate IFTTT?

Are there any plans to integrate IFTTT? I would love to be able to set up rules such as

IF [Local Weather] = NO RAIN TODAY
Then run watering sequence


IF [Local Weather] = Temperature > 30°C
Then run watering sequence twice


I was hoping the same thing. I noticed they have some of the underpinnings in place. Or maybe its just a coincidence. SSH to the box and type

use Toolshed



@ClosedCircuit Long term, yes. Other things we’d like to add:

  • Social media sharing of photos and sensor readings
  • Integration with cloud storage providers like Dropbox, GDrive, etc… for exporting photos.

As for the weather tool that @jrwaters mentions, that is actually not part of FarmBot OS but rather a part of Toolshed, which is a developer tool used for debugging Elixir embedded systems. Under the hood, I think it is using


Dropbox intergration is what I’m waiting for!

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I am totally new here, so might be out-of-turn, but it looks like there is a Rest API, ya? Which may let you do some things (but maybe not trigger them…so more on the “TT” side of “IFTTT”.

In your example, the trigger would be the local weather using something like Weather Underground, and then the action could be an HTTP POST that triggers a farm_event (either don’t water, or water twice)? Just a thought.

Very excited to read up on this and get involved.

Adding: It would be fun to have some webhooks to trigger events in other services, as well.

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There is! Here are some examples as well as the developer docs. It’s important to note that the API is not used to control a device. You can use it to mange things like FarmEvents, Plants, Sequences etc… but it is not used for realtime control. Instead, MQTT is used for all realtime commands.