Any Size Farmbot with a cash bounty. (Let's kill the pesticide industry)

Hey guys,I have a new idea I wanted to throw out there to the community. Lately I’ve been thinking about land use alot and how much I’d love to convert my entire huge & wasteful front lawn into a giant productive garden. What I’ve realized is that what I really want in a farm bot product is one that can encompass any size grid.

At first I thought this might be difficult but now that I’ve thought about it a bit more, it could be really easy to build. I was thinking you could have two parallel rails. One would be concerned with delivering electricity to a cross member via metal conductors running along it’s length. Inspired by a train electricity system such as a Third Rail. [1] On the other side, a water rail with computerized valves spaced one meter apart. Then the cross member (like in the express) could be the thing loaded with all the tech and “dock” with the right valve to spray water as required. In this design I was thinking wheels on a closed track might be a better choice than using belts.


Building this would take some design iterations to get it right. OTOH, I could build a shitty version of this pretty fast but I’m busy with other projects. So I thought I’d see if anyone else was interested in taking a shot at it. If anyone likes the idea and can hack it together, I’m offering to donate $100 to the person who can demonstrate it first. Maybe if there is anyone else out there who likes the idea you could post how much you’d donate in this thread too and let’s see if we can’t get this shit done. :slight_smile: