Any tolerance for how parallel the tracks need to be?

Hi everyone, had a question about setting up the Farmbot tracks. I know the setup says that the tracks need to be as parallel as possible (which makes sense). Setting up the tracks on a raised garden bed. The wood is mildly warped so I have spent the last day or so adjusting and aligning the tracks to make sure they’re as level and parallel as possible. However, the tracks on one end of the bed are about 1/8" wider apart vs the other end. I was wondering if this is very critical and I should go try to adjust it some more before moving on or if 1/8" difference won’t make or break my Farmbot? In other words, is there any tolerance for how parallel the tracks need to be?

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@wheeleme Your tolerance of 1/8" is probably fine, but here’s my advice for users who are in a situation of doubt:

  • Install the tracks as level and as parallel as possible.
  • Assemble the gantry according to the instructions.
  • When the gantry is mounted to the rails, try to slide it around the rails by hand before proceeding to ensure that there is no resistance. Do not continue the installation if there is resistance. Ideally, you should be able to push the gantry along the rails with one hand.
  • If you encountered resistance, consider unscrewing and repositioning track plates or adding wood shims or washers under the plates to correct any imbalance.
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Thanks for the suggestions @RickCarlino. Much appreciated :slight_smile: