API question for integration with AnyShare

Could anybody help advise on whether the Farmbot api/s could help with as integration with AnyShare? AnyShare maps needs and resources. We’d like to list the plants from Farmbot as resources in AnyShare.

We’d need at a minimum how many of each plant existed. But from there what would make it far more useful is the size of each plant and even a current image of that was possible?

The goal would be to have the needs for different plants of a community listed and then automatically plant what is required, based on those needs. Also create alerts when domething is low or not enough planted to keep up with demand.

I’m not exactly sure what AnyShare is, but i think you might be interested in Farmbot’s sister project OpenFarm. Accessing Farmbot’s API requires an account, and is only really useful to one individual since it is linked to a bot and account. OpenFarm’s API is open and has things like images and guides.

Thanks for your reply Connor,

OpenFarm looks like it’s just info on what can be grown.

That’s fine and actually good that an account is needed to access the Farmbot api. The data we really want to pull from the api is the users data on how many of what plant is planted. Then if possible how much it has grown. Is this possible?


pull from the api is the users data on how many of what plant is planted.

It is possible to pull one’s account data by using the /api/points endpoint. Is that what you are trying to do? You would not be able to see other people’s data (for privacy reasons).

if possible how much it has grown. Is this possible?

FarmBot does not record harvest data at the moment.

Here are some example API requests. We are still working on the details of formal API docs, but these examples can give you a general idea of how the API works. You can jump around to relevant examples using ctrl + f (api/points will probably be of the largest interest to you).

Thanks Rick,

This could work for an mvp. We’d look at writing a way for a user to add their Farmbot user info and only pull data from their own account.

Getting harvest data would be great in the future. Is that something you’d be looking to do in the future?

@solarpunked It’s not on the roadmap currently, and actually, it’s not something I’ve seen requests for, but we can keep it in mind as we move forward.

Alternatively, since it sounds like you are a software developer, you could look into writing a custom Farmware plugin that runs resident on the device and talks directly to whatever API(s) you are building.

Thanks Rick. Seems like we have enough for an mvp when it gets to this I the priority list. Can go into. Mote details and look at developing more after that. Thank you for your information

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