April 24, 2024 Documentation Update

Hello FarmBot community,

Exciting news today for all the coders and FarmBot tinkerers out there: Over the last week @Gabriel has meticulously updated our REST API and Example API Requests pages on our developer documentation hub. These resources now cover all of the API’s available endpoints, methods, and fields, and have up to date examples.

Why is this important?

FarmBot is 100% open-source and has an openly accessible API so that everyone is empowered to modify and expand upon their FarmBot’s abilities with custom code and contributions.

But making source code and API endpoints available often isn’t enough. That’s where great documentation comes in - to explain how to use these resources with comprehensive, easy to find information and lots of examples to get you going quickly.

We hope this will supercharge even more developers and hobbyists to do more with their FarmBots and bring more energy and innovation to our open-source community. If you’re building something cool, we’d love to hear about it here the forum!