Aquaponics, Hydroponics, and Aeroponics

Greetings - I have a question:
How does a FarmBot system compare to the following systems:

  • Hydroponics - Growing in water
  • Aquaponics - Growing in water in conjunction with fish farming
  • Aeroponics - Growing with roots being sprayed/fogged with proper nutrients every few minutes

I have no actual experience with any of these systems, but I’ve heard that they produce much faster than conventional gardening. I’d be interested to hear from someone who has actual experience.

I think we’re all looking for a system with the following attributes:

  • super fast to grow
  • abundant yield
  • cheap to build and maintain
  • stupid-easy to implement and maintain


I run a medium sized aquaponic system. (around 10k litres total)

My experience is that growth is much the same or slower than soil based growing.

Are you sure that this is the right forum to ask about your concern?

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That’s good to know… I’d never heard that about Hydro. I’ve heard aeroponics called ‘the Ferrari of gardening’, because it’s so much faster than the rest… but that’s just what I’ve heard.

Why would this be the wrong forum? Especially, if others who would potentially spend sever grand on this system have the same questions.

Was the person who said that selling a aquaponic product or service?

I don’t think so… it’s this vid:

Ive heard great things about aeroponics, Im actually gonna give it a go soon. Will come back to post my results.

Do you think the farmbot could be integrated into an aquaponics set up? Locations of plants line up with app?


The FarmBot has been integrated into Aeroponics systems. Check out this video from Katif.

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