Ardu + RAMPS + DHT11

I did my robot on Arduino and RAMPS and connected to it a DHT11 sensor and humidity sensor, and set it as analogue inputs in the application.
The humidity sensor gives values and using this formula I am able to determine the percentage [%] of soil moisture
The DHT11 sensor also shows something values but I don’t know what. Temperature or humidity ?
I have Version 12.2.0

Hi @Andrzej.

The DHT11 has a serial coded digital data interface which requires firmware / microcode to transfer and decode. How have you wired your DHT11 to your Farmbot ?

Maybe other users have successfully connected this device . . I doubt that standard FarmBot firmware for Arduino+RAMPS has existing code to “drive” the DHT11 ?

@Andrzej The firmware is built for handling analog and digital (but not digitally encoded) signals. My understanding of the DHT11 is that it requires special header files to operate properly, though it has been a few years since I have looked at the data sheet. In such a case, adding DHT support would require us to create a new firmware image and release a new version of FBOS.

I will talk to the team on Monday about this. As I remember, DHT11 support may already be on the product roadmap, though not our highest priority at the moment.

Thanks for reaching out. I will provide more details for you on Monday.

Sorry for the late reply on this one, but it appears that this feature is indeed on the roadmap, though we have not started work on it yet.