Arduino Mega / Ramps Shield - Pinout


Is there a pin map for the ramps shield for which motor goes where, and where the vacuum gets hooked up, and the solenoid valve. I remember there used to be one in the docs, but I can’t seem to find it, but I have a FarmBot assembled, I just have to toss the electronics on there and this is the only thing holding me back.



Hey David, you will plug your motors into the X, Y, and Z slots on the RAMPS shield. The vacuum pump and solenoid valve should be hooked up to D8, D9, and D10 (your choice). We’re going to have a customizable peripherals widget on the web app out next week, so you will be able to control/label them manually with that widget, or you can do so from the sequences :slight_smile:



What about the motor encoder pin connections to the Ramp Shield?

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The default Arudino encoder pin connections can be found in the code here.

By the way, the pins for the peripherals are now fully customizable in the web app.


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I am just starting working with the ramps shield on top of my mega.

Included are four links with diagrams and video on working with the ramps shield. I hope they help.

I am interested on where pin 8,9,13 on the mega show up on the ramps shield. Can anyone help?
There are some videos, too: