Arduino Mega with RAMPS not connecting to Raspberry pi 3 in Ver. 15.4.5

The arduino Mega with the ramps does not detect me (I do not have the Farmduino board)
How do I solve the error?

Hi @jmLafarga
You need to set the FIRMWARE PATH correctly. That setting is in FarmBot settings panel.

After booting up your Farmbot, check the Logs for Detecting available UARTs: and use the device which seems most appropriate for your setup.

On my Express v1.0 this is the log I see :slight_smile:

Screenshot from 2023-11-23 15-51-33

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I had this issue a couple different ways myself, also with a ramps variant

  1. Make sure your using ttyUSB0

  2. Make sure your power supply is tuned, I had an issue where my power supply was giving 24.5v and it caused my buck converter to undervolt my pi. Tuning to 24v solved it. (Your pi needs 5v 3a any less will cause usb failures.)

  3. Verify your board is good with a new one. I went through 3 microcontrollers myself.

Edit: It occured to me to mention if you have an official machine I believe they used 12v do not try running yours at 24v. Also despite personal experience with Ramps 1.4 they are cheap boards and have a reputation of going out and having short life spans, if you have an official v1.2 I could see it being a real possiblity it failed.

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thank you so much


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