Are partial 1.6 kits still going to happen?

Hey @roryaronson ,

A while back, you mentioned you will have a 1.6 partial kit available at the beginning of the year. Is this still going to happen? I preordered the Farmduino 1.6 board/enclosure but now I’m realizing the power supply may be different from my 1.5 XL. A partial kit may be the way to go.


We will have upgrade parts to bring older bots up to the v1.6 standard. We were planning to have product in inventory back in January but the delays at the west coast shipping ports have been insane. Right now it is looking like we’ll have upgrade parts available on the store around mid-May, and your preordered Farmduino v1.6 board should ship within the next 2 weeks.

The power supply connector for the v1.6 board is not compatible with the v1.5 power supply cable. However, we will be including a pigtail with all v1.6 boards that can be soldered or connected with wire nuts to a v1.5 cable.


That’s great news! I can’t wait to get mine upgraded!!

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