Assertions - Documentation is a little light

Can I get some more information about assertions?
The documentation is a little light in terms of what is tested (or how).
The example provided in the documentation does not really give all that much information.

For the failure conditions

  • Continue - I assumed just moves on to the next step in the sequence
  • Recover and continue - Run the recover sequence then on to the next sequence
  • Abort and recover - ??
  • Abort ??

I had previously asked about an abort for an if statement - to stop sequence execution. Is that the same as an abort?

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I once used the abort assertions to use it like an exit function. This helped me to temporarily pause a watering sequence caused by heavy rain. I know this could have been solved better by using a lua sequence, but at this point I was not that far.

Since a the moment there is no if exit available. Like pointed out from your post too. (Can IF in a sequence exit the sequence)

Iā€™m also interested in what the other types can be used for.

Edit: My example which was in use for the mentioned purpose:


Please vote for an EXIT IF.

Rory has said if there is enough demand for it, they may include it in a build. :sunglasses: