Automatic use of Seed Tray

HI All,

Has anyone used an automated sequence with the Seed Tray? Basically I am thinking about laying out the garden using groups and then use some sort of look-up table to match the group I am looking to plant with the location in the seed tray so I grab the correct seed and then move thorough all the groups to finish all the planting.


Hi Tim,

If you are familiar with programming, you could automate such a task with the Lua command and custom code. Here is documentation for using Lua with FarmBot.

There is also this Pick from Seed Tray featured sequence which accepts a Seed Tray cell such as B3 and instructs FarmBot to pick the seed from that cell. You could possibly combine this sequence with something custom that you create.

Thanks Rory, I will look over the options and put something together to get this going.

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