Availability in India and support

Hi !
I would, along with a few friends, like to use FarmBot in India. How can we get this. What kind of support will we need in the long run and how do we find it. If things go smooth, we would like to reach Farmbot to more people around. How can you help please ?

Shubbrato Dutta
00 91 9007323000 (Whats app)
subroto.dutta (Skype)


We can ship FarmBot kits to India or you are welcome to build devices yourself using local part suppliers and our open-source documentation. As far as support goes, you will need to be able to diagnose and repair your FarmBot in case something goes wrong. If you buy a kit, we will be available for phone and email support. And if you build one yourself you can seek additional help here in the forum.

Hello @Shubbrato

We have just launched our Farmbot Kits for order, and we can also ship to India (free delivery).
You can check our website http://wefarmbot.com/en/2 to have a look and leave feedback.

If you are interested, let me know, i will be more than pleased to help you.

Thank you.

Shubbrato - were you able to get one in india OR assemble it using open source


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Hi this is Mohan from India. I would like to use FarmBot here. How can we get it here. And how will be the support.


This Link appears to be a dead link forwarding to a hosting page.

While we do not have any distributors in India, we can ship worldwide and have done so already to customers in India. Please note that you would be responsible for any and all import tariffs and taxes.