Available UARTs / Firmware Flash Loop

My Farmbot Express v1.1 is stuck in a constant loop. I cannot get it to do anything because it is always “busy” and give looping messages of

“Detecting available UARTs: [“ttyAMA0”, “ttyUSB0”]”
“Success: Firmware flashed. MD5: F29203F776E”
“FarmBot is booted.”

@PunkyRoo have you tried re-flashing FBOS onto a known good SDHC ‘card’ ?
( you’d need to do a Configure your FarmBot . . . after that step ).

@PunkyRoo it sounds like you may need a replacement electronics board, which we can send you free of charge if needed. Please see this post for instructions on further inspecting the logs to determine if this is the issue.

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