Axis setup / calibration: whats your fault tolerance?

hi farmbot-pros,

How small should be the fault-tolerance on your axises that you what say your farmbot works fine?

Mounting and unmounting tools requires the greatest precision. About +/- 1mm seems reasonable to me.

I haven’t had problems getting that accuracy with my Genesis 1.5.

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Since Farmduino v1.4 the repeatable accuracy has been fine. Problems are usually caused buy X axis that aren’t straight.


About +/- 1mm seems reasonable to me

I think that info should be in your axis-setup-guide because it indicates when the calibration is successful. What do you guys think?

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If others agree with it (or propose a better metric) then I think it makes sense to add.

FWIW, I had some documentation changes as I went through my assembly. I made proposed edits in the online documentation and changes were incorporated and/or modified by the FarmBot technical author[s]. So, when satisfied with an answer we can propose it there as well - though the forum seems well monitored.