Bad Stepper Driver - Need replacement advice

I am with a high school robotics team that is currently building a Farmbot XL. Yesterday the students worked for over three hours at our location and were able to get it almost fully operational. The issue is we found out that we have a bad stepper driver in our electrical box - which means we can’t run all the motors at the same time. The farmbot shop is out of this part. Can I just order the A4988 Stepper Drivers on amazon? Will they be compatible with the Farmduino?


Sure you can buy A4988 drivers anywhere else too, they are all compatible with Farmduino.

If there is only one driver faulty, you could change it with the unused one (the board should have been shipped with 5).

Always turn off the device when changing the drivers! :slight_smile:

@saratate Hey there is a spare stepper driver that comes with each FarmDuino. Usually the AUX stepper driver is never used so you can use that spare stepper driver. We have a troubleshooting document that gives a procedure for replacing the stepper drivers:

Also we have a troubleshooting document to streamline troubleshooting process and identify the problem right away with FarmBot movements.

If you have already used up the spare stepper driver you can orderthem directly from Pololu. We source our stepper drivers from Pololu.

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