Bed liner (plastic)

I see in a couple of the pictures on the site that the bed seems to be lined with what looks like landcape-grade plastic. I am guessing this is to help protect the wood frame from moisture. My question is this: Is the plastic just on the inside walls of the frame or is it also on the bottom? Also, what is the Farmbot creators opinion of doing this?

Actually, the second part of the question is silly. Of course you would not line the bottom… Drainage… Doh!

Hey @Intelbotfarmer you normally do this in raised beds to - as you correctly assumed - prevent the wood from rotting. You could take the foil which you can buy for ponts or there is even thicker plastic “parts” which are sold here in Germany to prevent moisture from entering the walls around houses which you could use… just be assured that the water will find a way, no matter how small the hole is :wink:

I designed a mobile raised bed 1.5 m x 1.5 m for my Farmbot. On the floor I used this pont foil as well and put in 20 cm of clay perls to help the drainage. Recently I needed to repair the bed bottom, therefore I emptied the bed and it still looks very good after one year. Nothing rotten or stinky so I can conclude that this drainage system works very well…

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One thing about lining beds with plastic is that if there are no drainage holes they will flood and may create root rot with overwatering, ect. You can a) poke a few holes in the bottom of the plastic for draining or b) create the bed at an angle so the water goes out a corner.

I do have a certain angle built in with one side being open at the bottom; I used the wire fence that you normally use to prevent rabbits from escaping and a filter foil to not let the clay pearls escape…

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Perfect should work great then :sunglasses:

It does, as explained in the posts above; and there´s literally water running out if it rains heavily…

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