Best sequence to utilize the included LED strip

I have a Genesis v1.3 and have recently planted some lettuce. Since the lettuce is already beginning to sprout, I need to write a sequence for the light strip to move back and forth to give the plants adequate light as the overhead lights in the shop are not sufficient.

I would like to have it run for half of the day to give me some time to run the watering sequence when I need to.

Has anyone else made a sequence to do this?

I think light from the strip is far too weak to support growth of plants…


Hey Lawson,

@eide is correct. The LED strip is not meant to grow plants it is just meant to provide some light for people to see the FarmBot at night for safety and to do minor jobs at night. There is not enough power to provide lighting to actually grow plants. We would suggest you purchase actual grow lights to help you grow the plants.

Check out this set up from the Growing Hope Project. They have actual grow lights that are controlled on a timer. The LED grow lights are RGB adjustable and they are located in the top left of center in the photo. You can pick up new or used ones.