Bill of Materials

I’m a doit-yourselfer and half the fun for me is finding the parts along with the build.

I realize the bill of materials can be found at however does someone have a breakdown by vendor - would make things quite a bit faster?

We don’t have that right now, though with the set of documentation we plan on shipping with kits, we’ll have a spreadsheet version that you can easily manipulate/sort by vendor, etc

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Would you be willing to post the spreadsheet version of the BoM on the website? Please and thank you.

Yes, once we have it finalized for the version 1.1 docs. We don’t like to publish works in progress because then people get confused and we end up trying to support unfinished work. So its best for us to wait until it truly is ready for the public.

Finding all the parts from the BOM has been a daunting task for myself and I build robots for a living. I agree with this gentleman that if the BOM had direct links and or breakdown of vendor lists. For example I have been going down the list one by one getting parts and I am purchasing things from one supplier more than once and am paying for shipping twice. I think if I just put one order in I would have only had to pay for shipping once. :slight_smile:

Lol we sound so spoiled, I appreciate all that you have done farmbot people and it is understandable that you guys did not put together a list with direct links. Please don’t take our messages as you did something wrong, on the contrary you have done something amazing and if it is this hard for us to source parts I could only imagine how hard it was to source parts and be the first one to build it.

Thank you for all of your hard work farmbot peps.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. We really do want to make it easy for individuals to build their own devices. We don’t yet have vendor specific lists created, but I’ll add that to our TODO list and hopefully have it up on the docs by the end of the week!

Ok, here is a first stab at a vendor-sorted “Shopping List”:

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

This is great! Could’ve used it a couple weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:! No worries though, I have a feeling I’ll be making use of this. I own a small livestock feed store and offer some gardening supplies as well. I have been building my first Farmbot there at my store and people won’t stop asking about it. In fact, several people would like me to build them one!

That’s awesome! Yea the shopping list was a long-time coming. It had to happen so I’m glad that you all put the pressure on for it. Otherwise its one of those things that was easy to postpone until “next week”, indefinitely :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any other questions or feedback about the BOM or docs, do let me know so we can get it fixed!

I’ve noticed on the Shopping List you do not have where you get the M5 Tee Nuts. I’ve searched myself on the McMaster website but they have many different types. Could you let me know what kind you use with FarmBot? Thanks

We get stainless steel ones from this factory:

Much appreciated.