Both stepper motor phases remain live just after Farmbot Pi startup "handshake"

I am testing out my stepper motors with the Farmduino Vn 1.4 and I have set up the drivers to the correct voltage etc. Once I turn on the 24V the system works through its start up process and then once the handshake is complete I here a click and the X1 stepper motor starts to buzz and is locked rigid(unsuprisingly). On measuring there is votlage across both phases yet there is no drive signal on the input pin from the Farmduino. I had thought that the Farmduino was locking the X axis but this only occurs on the X1 stepper mnotor and if you unplug that driver it will do the same on the X2 etc as you move down the board. Should I just set up the whole thing and try it all again once the encoders are connected (I have tried it with and without the encoders by the way. Does anyone know why this might be?

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