Building a sequence with two input locations


I want to build a sequens to pick up a seed (at a variable location - one of the 32 seed tray locations) and then plant the seed (at a variable location - one of the many plant locations).

As it seems, one I request a variable location I cannot get another one. Anyone knows how to get this done?


@GuidoCram We probably will not support this for a while as it has been a less requested feature and we have some higher priority things on the road map. Can you tell me more about your specific use case?

Some users have been able to get around the limitation by creating wrapper sequences. It depends on the use case, though.

As a side note, since you have mentioned before that you had an interest in writing your own custom software- FBOS does support the use of multiple variables. There have been some challenges on the UI layer that have prevented us from exposing the feature, but if you have an understanding of how CeleryScript works, you could in theory write a sequence in the programming language of your choice that accepts two variables. The only draw back is that you would not be able to edit the sequence from the UI. If your use case is for custom software development, I’d be happy to explain further.