Building your Farmbot for only $999!

Sorry our community is not well established.
We were not established in 2015, we were established in the fall of 2019. All of our current members are FarmBot enthusiasts. We have a lot of work to do, but we have limited energy. Thank you for your reminder, we will create more text resources.

I can and will vouch for this seller.

I purchased the kit for 1,199+45 tax shipped to Florida in January of this year. Unfortunately they did not mention customs fees of $341 would be charged (ouch!) which will be different by location shipped.

There were some minor issues during setup but overall was great value.

It is true their version was between a 1.4 and 1.5 (improved 1.4 with gantry seeder and quiet steppers and drivers) and they included a fancy electric screwdriver for assembly. This led to some of the confusion setting it up as I had to reference V1.4 and V1.5 instructions.

I built my raised boxes and had the entire kit setup and moving in 4 days but then…

had major issues with the local hosting of the software since I did not have internet access so I gave up and it has sat outside in the hot FL sun for 6months.

I recently got full time internet service and will be tilling my garden and picking up where I left off soon!


Hi @CFL_CNC, Can you give me any update in regards to your Farmbot, I am really keen to get some feedback.