Building your Farmbot for only $999!

Hello everyone!

First of all, we have to appreciate Farmbot that create this innovative product and open-source it for everyone. As we first saw the Farmbot, everyone feels strongly impressive and interesting and feels it can create lots of opportunity for future agriculture. So we definitely believe Farmbot can enter thousands of households as popular as 3D Printer. Of course, we understand that “This is super cutting edge technology, and it has a ways to go before our dream of FarmBot becoming a “home appliance” is realized.” But we also believe that only more and more people touch it and then can push this technology forward faster. Currently, an obvious problem is overpriced and let some people or organizations cannot afford the machine and make contributions to FarmBot. So we build cost-effective and high-quality products allowed Farmbot to enter thousands of households. We hope we can let Farmbot becoming a “home appliance” as soon as possible.

The company we build call MicroFarm, and our target is to let the future agriculture greater diversity. We locate in Shenzhen, China, which is the source of most of the world’s electronic products so that it allows us convenient to touch suppliers and get a reasonable price. Currently, we have sold the majority of Farmbot parts andkits at We hope you can have a visit.
I have to introduce theMicroFarm Genesis kit in particular. MicroFarm Genesis Kit is our the first kit we sell, and most of the design comes from between FarmBot Genesis V1.4 and Express. So you can learn all the documents from Farmbot Documentation. We also hope that you can create your ideas for FarmBot Forum and push forward this innovative project. The following are some distinctive features.

  • Price: 999 only!!! Much Lower than DIY!!! Don’t spend your research time on purchasing!!! (Please understand that because to make our products competitive for different regions users, sorry all our products do not include shipping and taxes.)

  • Free custom size: We know that each customer’s usage environment is different, so we offer a free option of customizing the size for yourself. You only need to measure your planting box or land area, and we will customize the suitable size kit for you.

  • Flexible installation structures – We offer two types of assembly plans; one is the traditional Wooden Bed Structure, and another is the Framework Structure. The Wooden Bed Structure is the most common idea and also used by Farmbot, and this idea is beneficial for direct planting on land. You need to build a wooden bed on the ground to put the rails. We also provide Framework Structure that can allow people to plant above the ground. Some of our customers may not have a soil land environment, so they must be planted using, such as flower pots. The Framework Structure is built a frame around the flower pot to deploy the machine. It can be more flexible because the device and the flower pot are separate so that you might use your MicroFarm anywhere you want.

  • Farmduino – The board we build is base on Farmduino V1.4 from FarmBot, which features an Arduino MEGA 2560 microcontroller that interfaces with the Raspberry Pi, pulses the stepper drivers, and controls the UTM and peripherals. The board also features an STM32 co-processor to process the encoder signals at high speed. We use colored connectors to make it easy for users to connect correctly, and using high-quality Molex connector secure connection.

  • Electronics Box: The box we use is the all-white opaque outer casing that prevents the internal temperature from being too high due to the sun’s exposure. We also added the Independent temperature control fan and the fan duct inside the box to help the TMC2208 driver cool down to improve the stability of the machine. There has a Lock hole on the box for safe of unattended.

  • Silent Motor Driver: We upgrade stepper drivers to TMC2208, which can provide quieter, more powerful, and smoother operation, and this makes the noise of the machine running almost negligible.

  • Stepper Motors with rotary encoders: Encoders are very important, especially when required for long distances and high precision. NEMA 17 stepper motors come with pre-mounted customed 360-lines rotary encoders and Flexible cable.

  • Meanwell Power Supply – Power supply we use comes from the world-famous brand Meanwell, which provides high stability. This IP67 rated waterproof power supply features a suitable for local requirements of customer power plug for the input, so no longer need a power converter.

For more product information about MicroFarm Genesis Kit, please have a look at MicroFarm Genesis. We also have sold pretty much everything around FarmBot. If you want to upgrade your old version machine, also please have a look at our Store. In addition to selling products, we also have Forum and documentation on our website. We hope you could share your work and ideas with us. We will also open-source our designs and documents, and there may be empty now, but we will enrich this Soon.

Why are our prices so competitive?

First of all, most of our design comes from open-source FarmBot, which allows us to save a lot of research and development costs. Second, our production is all located in China, which will enable us to obtain competitive prices directly from the factory. Third, our goal is not to make profits from the open-source project, but to let more and more people have access to future agriculture. So all profits will be used for product development and upgrades.

We are very appreciated to meet this innovative product of Farmbot, and we hope we could push this technology forward together. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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Thank you all.


Oh wow you sell dowl pins I thought they had gone extinct!

Thank you for your interesting in our store! We are committed to providing cost-effective and high-quality products and driving the development of Farmbot and future agriculture.:grinning:


I have been watching farmbot grow for over a year now and finally got to a point where I am ready to buy, and these prices are 1/2 of what farmbot charges (VERY ATTRACTIVE). I also like the fact they have them instock ready to go (or so they claim)

Just a bit uneasy about ordering direct from china on such a large purchase…

Does anyone have experience with this company and can vouch for quality and reputation?

Hey CFL_CNC. I don’t have any experience with ordering a full Farmbot from MicroFarm but I will stick my neck on the block and vouch for them/. I have been DIYing a farmbot with my kids over the winter and found them a couple months ago. My first order from them was for the stepper motors that I could get here on the site because they are always sold out. Cost me 1/4 of the price and had them withing a week. Just placed my second order with them for some more parts and it was on my door withing the week. Again I have not ordered a complete kit from them but what I have ordered has shown up quickly and the support has been great from them.