Buy my discounted, New-In-Box Genesis v1.4 kit

I bought this at the end of last year, just before my family responsibilities unexpectedly increased for the foreseeable future. I am left with no time for this exciting project, so with much sadness, I am putting it up for sale.

Price reduced!

Due to a scam attempt, I’ll now only be selling this to a member of this forum.

New listing:

Good Morning Filo,

I am was plannng on pre-ordering a genesis this week. Do you still have this for sale or did it sell on Ebay? I cant tell

Sorry for not posting an update here. My kit did sell on eBay. I’ll try to find out why that isn’t clear from the eBay side as well. Did you also message me on eBay? You are local to me, yes? It would have been cool to sell this locally. Good luck with your build!