Buying Motors for FarmBot

I bought some electric motors but they’re all bad. Can you sell them

We don’t currently sell just the motors, though we will have motor kits available around August when we open our full online shop.

For my completely self-made one I ordered these
You will have to order the rotary encoders, drill screw holes on the back of the motors, and attach the encoders to the motors yourself, as well as attach connectors to the motors, since they just come with plain wires. It’s a bit of work though, so don’t do that unless you have some tools and experience (or willing to lose money if you screw up).

Thank you for your reply, I can’t connect but I am very urgent. Can you teach me?


I’m from China. I can’t buy this motor. Where did you buy it?Can you sell it?

is the shop open?

Not yet :confused: We had some delays with the v1.3 kits which was our first priority. The new kits have now been sent though and the v1.3 documentation is published, which means we have more time to focus on building out the shop. Stay tuned.

Hi please add QQ379979211.

The link of “Rassah sharing” can’t work now, can i use this one for replacement?