Cable motor/encoder


Can anyone tell me the difference between the motor cable and encoder cable?


I thought you only have one cable with 4 connections for one stepper motor???


I didn.t see the second picture, there is en encoder at the back,

But another question, if you want to lake the system stronger by using nema 23 stepper motors, is this possible? DonI need to make some other changes to and where can I find nema 23 stepper motor WITH encoder?

Hey @Bram
basically you can change the motors without any other changes. But you should be aware that the mounting holes are made for Nema 17 motors. So you would need to replace some plates.

Where to buy? Depends on where you live and how long you can wait for it :smile:

The NEMA 17 motors included with FarmBot Genesis kits are very strong and capable for a standard setup size. Power can be increased by adjusting the stepper motor driver. Smaller pulleys can also be used to increase the torque.

Increasing the motor size to NEMA 23s would require many changes to the design to accommodate the larger motor size, including all of the mounting plates as @Ascend has mentioned. You would most likely need to get encoders separately and attach them. Also, you would likely need to use different electronics (most notably, higher current stepper motor drivers) as the standard RAMPS/drivers are not designed for such large motors. If you decide to experiment and try it out, let us know how it goes!

Thanks @Ascend for the reply, I live in Belgium and it’s hard to get something from the US… the taxes are way too high. So I have to build the farmbot on my own with local pieces… so sorry if I ask (will ask in the future) for some references are other things about thebpieces you are using…

The best site for electronic pieces is ebay AND shipped from china…

Most of the plates will be made of stainless steal in stead of aluminium, that was one reason I was thinking about having more power needed…