Calib Params for cam get lost after firmware update


You do need to rerun calibration (via scan or calibrate), after which you can change the calibration values as desired.


But then it says:

Error [camera-calibration] ERROR: Calibration failed. No objects detected.

…? :roll_eyes:


@Gabriel @connor

Still not solved, can you please support!?


Looks like the two red calibration objects weren’t visible in the image you are using for calibration or the detection settings weren’t adjusted properly for the contents of the image. Try helping the calibration process detect two (or more) distinct objects in the image, at which point the photos will appear in the Farm Designer and you can adjust the calibration values as needed.


Hi @Gabriel,
now we are getting closer. So the calib params get lost and I physically need to recalibrate after each firmware update? :confused:

May I please propose to:
a) add the possibility to edit the calib params as foreseen in the numeric fields without the need of physically recalibrating again

b) Store the calib params and reload them after an update

Any possibility for a quick implementation in the next release?


Persistent storage of calibration data outside of FarmBot OS is under development, but will take some time to implement.

Calibration parameters are already stored in FarmBot OS across updates, so the loss of data you have experienced is a bug. Implementing the above feature may end up being the fix unless we find a way to reproduce the issue.


But wouldn´t you admit that if I have a numeric field where I am able to type in values than this should be taken into account by the software? So why is the input from the fields for the calibration not working?



I recalibrated today with the two litte red dots. The calibration picture was correctly shown on the farm designer page but every picture I take afterwards needs to be rotated by 90 degrees. As the farmware does not take into account changes after the calibration, I cannot do anything more?! The picture alignment bottom left or so does only mirror the image… please help!



You can edit the CAMERA ROTATION value (in your case, add or subtract 90 degrees) and any new photos taken will be rotated accordingly.


@Gabriel I am very certain, that in the past this was taken into account for already taken pictures as well. Why did you change that?

Moreover why es the calib picture shown with the right alignment but the subsequent ones inside farmdesigner without changing something were not?


Gaaaabriiieeeel anyone out there? @Gabriel anyone interested to answer?