CALIBRATE and button is disabled

I meet two issue when control farmbot.

  1. The CALIBRATE function does not work, it throw following error message
    Unhandled message: “R08 F22 P141 V8 Q14\r”

Unhandled message: “R08 F22 P142 V1 Q88\r”

Unhandled message: “R08 F22 P143 V13 Q89\r”

  1. when I click move Z button, the bot moves a short distance, then motor try to run reversely, then stop.
    the message is “holy-pine-229 Doing movement.” and all button are unclickable

    Please help me how to trobleshoot the both issue, thanks in advance.


There’s a newer FamBot OS version available. You can click UPDATE to upgrade.

Make sure movement and homing work first before trying calibration. The only additional function calibration performs is to find the length of the axis, which is only necessary if you want to enable Stop at Max.

Also, your motor speeds are much too high. Reduce the max speed to around 400 and the min speed to around 50.

Thank you very much. I will try:)

Another question: Can you tell how to find the error message’s mean?

Unhandled message just means the Arduino sent a message that isn’t being used by FarmBot OS. The Arduino messages are documented here.