Calibration of X axis

When i run the calibration of the x axis i get this error code in the logs

Error writing firmware parameter: movement_axis_nr_steps_x: “Can’t send command when in :configuration state”

Hello @jorrflv

thanks for reporting that issue. This message was also recently reported by GuidoCram. Its probably caused by a software bug that RickCarlino mentioned in this thread:

What type and version of Farmbot are you using? Genesis 1.4?
Are you running on the newest FarmbotOS 9 .2.1?

You can manually write the axis length in the hardware settings. If you push the axis to its max position, you can read the axis length value in the controls tab.
This is just a quick workaround so you can still use the device, the devs will work on a solution as soon as the problem is identified.

CC @RickCarlino, any news on that? :slight_smile:

Taking a look right now. We’ve noticed that the issue can often be temporarily fixed with an ESTOP followed by an E-UNLOCK. Obviously, this is not a long term solution but it may help in the interim. I will keep you posted.