Calibration process

The z axis needs to be up before calibrating the x/y axis or it will hit things. The z axis can only be calibrated once the x, y are in a position where it is known to be safe to push the z axis all the way down without it hitting something.

So it would be nice to have something like a calibrateAll routine that could be called from the scripts so it can be schedules that does the following

  1. moves the z axis all the way up to do half the z calibration

  2. calibrates x, and y at same time - right now calibration in very slow and no reason not to do them both at same time

  3. moves the x,y to a safe location that is entered in the web API

  4. moves the z axis all the way down to finish the z calibration

Something like that sound reasonable ? Alternative plans ?


The more I think about this, I don’t think there is much point in a calibration that hits both ends if the length have been entered on the web screen. It seems like if lengths of the axis have been entered, it should just “home” the zero end of each axis which would be much faster