Calibration Speed in 6.1.0

If one hits calibrate axis, the speed is not taken from the homing speed setting it rather seems to be the max speed length?!

Moreover could you differentiate between homing and minimum speed?

During movements within operating coordinates (usually positive coordinates, but depends on settings), FarmBot starts at the minimum speed and accelerates to the maximum speed. Homing speed is used during find home for movement past what FarmBot thinks is home (0, 0, 0).

The pop up box in homing speed shows that this speed is used for calibration, but if I calibrate this axis (not home), the speed is very high. It seems to be the “normal” movement speed. Could you please check in the code?!

Homing speed is only used for movement beyond home. Calibration movements within the normal coordinate range will use normal speeds.

Could you then please edit the tooltip, because that definitely says different:

Moreover I would encourage you to also set homing speeds for the calibration movement. Calibration will run to the “other end” where homeing is not travelling to and drive into the mechanical endstop. Therefore I see not difference why calib speed shall be different from homeing speed :wink:


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