Camera Calibration Errors

I am using the OS 8.11 on Genesis 1.4, and I try to use the camera’s features in Farmware. I can take pictures right now, but there is a problem with the camera calibration.
The “calibrate” button is not touchable, and I am not sure if this issue is a browser loading issue or a new system bug.
Thank you!

A bug has been fixed yesterday by @connor in FarmbotOS.
This one does look like a WebApp issue.
I’m sure we’ll hear about the Release versions with fixes . . Very Soon :wink:

I’ve submitted a new Issue in the GitHub repository ( as a bug report ) for this just now.2019-10-29T13:00:00Z

P.s. @wuqiong, you can select the CALIBRATE button on that page by using the Tab key on the keyboard (several times; watch for the button colour to change to darker green) then “press” it by using the Enter key.

Thanks @jsimmonds for the report on GitHub, looks like I’ve missed that thread somehow.
Now all farmware buttons should work as expected. Sorry for the inconvenience and the delay.