Camera calibration not working

Hoi all,

for whatever reason it does not detect the self printed calibration card properly when Z is all the way upp. I first thought it might detect too many of the white small stones I’ve got in the beet but even by covering it with a black foil it does not work. As the debug message does not tell you anything why it didn’t work I can’t debug any further. Any ideas why this pic as an example wasn’t accepted?

once I went down with Z and the pic covered more space on the picture it worked, but I’d like to calibrate with Z fully up…

Update: I wanted to delete the calibration picture of the calibration card which can be seen above and calibrate with the two red dots. I can’t delete the picture it says:Error: document not found Error: could not delete image. Effectively I cannot calibrate anymore with the dots because I can’t delete the calibration with the card or reset it. Can you please advise or repair this bug?

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@Klimbim I can take a look but I will need your device ID.

We’ve spoken about the soil height calibration so far via PM. Is the problem you detected also the source for the cam calibration not working?

@Klimbim I am rushing to get a release out for a higher priority problem. I have not spent much time identifying things yet.

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