Camera Calibration & Rotation Issue

Firstly, thanks in advance for any assistance. I used the preferred method (card with white dots) and used an umbrella to block the shadow/wash-out from the sun. The calibration routine seemed to complete successfully. The image below shows the image incorrectly oriented. The camera rotation certainly seems to be an issue at 69.32. Calibration was performed with the z-axis fully raised.

I decided to add 180 degrees (changing to 0 didn’t work :slight_smile:) then entered the 249.32. Looks right on, maybe except slight scale issue. At this stage, I’m assuming the camera physically needs to be reoriented in the mount or can this be adjusted via software? The 2nd image below shows the new alignment.

To square photo edges with the map, you may either enable the CROP MAP IMAGES setting, or set camera rotation to 0 and physically rotate the camera in its mount until the photos it takes are aligned (at which point it is recommended to run calibration again). Adjusting the ORIGIN LOCATION IN IMAGE setting or re-calibrating may help during the process if images appear flipped in the map.

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Thanks, Gabriel, appreciate your quick response. I used the CROP MAP IMAGES setting and all appears fine.

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