Camera calibration / weed detection doesnt keep settings

since this spring I am on OS 9.2.1 (Genesis 1.4)and I still try to get my camera calibration / weed detection done.
Take Foto works for me now, since the OS 9.x. I can also start my camera calibration, and after a lot of tries I found a setup that seems to work good, I take a blue blanket and place red paper circles on it to do the calibration. My camera is nearly perfect aligned with the axis, and my zero.point is in the lower right corner, looking on the taken foto.

After starting the camera calibration it seems to detect the right settings (see next screenshot). the pixel/coord ratio and the camera angle are calculated and seem to be correct, my placement of the objects is aligned parallel to Y, and my origin (0,0) is in the lower right corner (sorry for my german UI screenshots)

First problem here: At the beginning I got messsages in the log, how many objects have been detected, suddenly these log messages stopped, even after I reset the farmware by “Delete farmware data”. How is this possible?

In my opinion all looks good, so I start the weed detection. The result looks strange, as shown in the screenshot, as the coordinates are oriiented wrong, the x-/y-axis coordinates increase in the wrong direction (as the origin is lower right).

When I switch back to the camera calibration screen I can see that the origin changed from “lower right” to “lower left”! I did this sequence multiple times, sometimes it changed to “lower left”, sometimes to “upper left”. The alignment with the axis also changed from “Y” to “X”

On further tests it even chnaged the camera angle by 90 degree, but kept the correct axis orientation (Y) and origin (lower right).

Does anyone know

  1. why does weed detection farmware changes my correctly determined parameters?
  2. What can I do to solve this?

Thank, you all, especially @RickCarlino, if you could find the time to have a look here.



We are actively working on the weed detection features and functions to get to full Weed Detector functionality. Currently the weeding functionality has not been fully tested or completed QA because it is still under development. Please be patient with us as we close the gaps in our current development of the weeding sequences.

We are also actively working on developing a new weed trimmer system with Liberty University. With the new weed trimmer system we will simply run the weed trimmer over all the space not occupied by the plants. Each plant will be given a safe zone where they can exist. Everything else will be essentially destroyed by the weed trimmer system. The weed trimmer tool will be safe because it will cut using zip ties.

Check out the prototype video on the FarmBot Weed Trimmer by Liberty University

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@Marc; Thanks for the response. is there a way to trick the farnware and set the parameters manually meanwhile?
Do you know a timeline when the new weed detection farmware is planned to be delivered?

The weed trimmer tool looks great!!! Will you offer it in your shop or do i need to learn 3d-printing ? :slight_smile:

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@mbuchberger1967 I am not sure about tricking the Farmware and set the parameters. We don’t have a set timeline for Farmware, but please be assured that we are actively working on this item.

Initially we will make it available on our open source documentation and after a bit more development we will add it to our shop.