Camera Calibration

I am trying to calibrate my camera… I have attached screenshots of the logs, and the calibration photo that was uploaded to farmbot. Why would it error out like this? the photo seems fine.bnz8gz09h6jgjbbu4ph2e2s41fqg

@jorrflv Can you try that again, but at Z = 0? For reference, you will want to make sure that Z is always at zero when performing computer vision tasks. From the documentation:

move FarmBot directly over the camera calibration card and raise the z-axis as high as it will go

In the screenshot above, it appears that your camera is at Z = -37.

More information can be found in the calibration documentation. Since you have been using a FarmBot for some time now, it is important to note that the calibration documentation has been updated in the last three months and may be different than previous versions you have read.

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@RickCarlino ok I tried that and it still returned an error. I followed the documentation as suggested.

I am having the same issue. At first my camera took forever to respond and then I removed the 90 deg connector. Now the camera connects without a problem and takes pictures very fast. But I get the same error as the original poster.

"Calibration failed, calibration object not detected in image. "

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Not sure what happened, but I raised as close to zero and reran calibration. After a few tries, I was able to get success. First time!!!


Great to hear @Jarvisdvs!

@jorrflv Last time I assisted you, you showed us some videos that looked like the device was in a greenhouse. Is that still the case? The reason I ask is that the second cause for errors is too much or too little lighting.

Some things to try next:

  • If you are using artificial lighting in your facility, try turning the lights off and using the LED strip for lighting.
  • If you have overcast conditions, try turning the LED strip on to add some light.

Please let us know if that helps. Personally, I’ve found that not calibrating mid day yields better results than calibrating in the late morning or mid afternoon.

Please let us know if you’re still having issues and we can continue investigating.

There is no artificial lighting, but I will try morning here…

Also try at different times of the day… I found it worked best when there wasn’t a harsh glare. It worked better later in afternoon.

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@RickCarlino. I have tried multiple times during different times of the day, I just will not calibrate. I get the same error every time.

Can you press the “?” icon next to Camera calibration, press the refresh icon next to the version, then try calibrating the camera again?


@jorrflv, I had best luck around sunset . . or even at night. I would turn my LED lights on. Even early dusk had too much glare.


Try removing the 90 degree connector