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I have a question

How can I adjust the camera angle of the Farmbot camera, in some pictures it captures well and in others it does not.?

This is the reduced photo, you can see that the plant is not in the whole image.

In this figure it is observed that the plant is in the whole image and the frame of the photo is bigger.

I need to take some pictures with a wider angle, like the last picture.

Please, help me with that.

Thank you very much for your attention


Unfortunately, I don’t believe that there is a way to adjust the camera angle. The only way to adjust the view of the camera is to raise or lower the Z-Axis and bring the camera closer to the object you want to photograph.

Here is the full specification on the camera supplied by our kit:

The borescope camera that comes in the FarmBot kit is form fitted for this application. The camera supplied is durable and it can do the job required for basic gardening tasks, however it may not have all the features that you might want for your image capturing.

If you are looking to upgrade the camera, it is totally possible to switch to another plug-and-play USB camera.

Please review this page:

This is an example of a higher resolution plug-and-play camera being used on the FarmBot Genesis.

FarmBot OS only supports plug-and-play USB cameras and the official Raspberry Pi camera . If you would like to use a 3rd party plug-and-play USB camera, simply plug it into a spare USB port on the Raspberry Pi.

A note on special software drivers:

Although FarmBot runs on a Linux-powered Raspberry Pi, it is not possible to add and remove special software drivers needed for some cameras like you would on a desktop computer. If your 3rd party camera does not work right away with FarmBot, we will not be able to add the special drivers or troubleshoot the setup for you.

The only way to use a camera with special software requirements is to create a “sidecar” module for your FarmBot. A sidecar module is a separate computer that you can configure as needed with any required software drivers for your camera. Additionally, you will need to configure the sidecar to communicate with your FarmBot, which will require more advanced programming expertise. This option is intended for advanced users only. Please refer to our developer documentation for a brief guide on how to set up a sidecar.


If the plant grows bigger, you will get trouble anyway when the little borescope camera is mounted on the Z-Axis. That’s why I mounted my camera to the wheelplate of the Y-Axis years ago.


Can i use a usb camera with a usb to usb C connector to plug into the farmduino on a Farmbot express since the express runs on a Pi Zero with no spare USB ports? Will it work plug and play?



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