Camera doesn't work in Farmbot Controls page on browser

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I didn’t want to hijack this post, but I do have a separate issue , so I’ll continue it here.

The text of my original post is as follows:
“I also used a second PI and the standard PI camera. I then 3d printed a security camera style housing, and mounted it above the FB. There is a freely downloadable app for thePI called RPi Cam Control. You can find it easily with Google. I shared the video stream over the web and made sure that a friend in another city could see it. RPi Cam Control supports motion detection, using the motion app for linux, as well as interval based pictures.
… The only part that I haven’t been able to get working is to embed the camera stream in the FB webpage. I tried with the internet ip address of the camera ie:, but no luck. I can see the camera using this address from any browser on any other site.”

The browser that I mainly use is Chrome for W10, but I have tested the feed on Chromium and Firefox using a Ubuntu computer.

@RickCarlino you asked “I imagine this is caused by the lack of HTTPS. What do you see in your Javascript console (Chrome: ctrl + shift + J, Firefox: Ctrl + shift + k)?”

A- There is nothing under the console tab in chrome when I open it Rick, but the “elements” “sources” etc tabs do have info, would you like me to post something from these results?

@jturbett Said “Hmm… for local ip it works without HTTPS for me. javascript console has the warning, mixed content, “this content should be served over HTTPS” but its permitted checked on these browsers:, chrome, safari, Firefox, opera.”

A- I’m not sure why I don’t get anything other than a message on the FB-CAM page that says “Unable to load webcam feed.”

Clicking the question mark next to the FB-CAM title is not much help.

" If you see a web browser error after adding a webcam feed, there is unfortunately nothing FarmBot can do to fix the problem. Please contact your webcam’s customer support to see if the security policy for embedding feeds into other sites can be changed."

Some info regarding what type of security policy this is speaking of would be of assistance, @jebba mentions using zoneminder. Since it is an open source camera, perhaps I would be better off using different software?

What camera software are others using successfully?

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Have you tried putting the word "iframe " in front of that URL?:


If that doesn’t work, there might be other options but this would be a good starting point. Have you tried that yet?

@jebba mentions using zoneminder.

I am now using Shinobi, which is a much newer application than Zoneminder.

That said, I have four different cameras that work in Shinobi, but only one of those cameras works with Farmbot, I’m not sure why.