Camera showing black 'Halo'. Normal?

Each of the photos taken shows a black halo in the image, obscuring a circle. You can see some stuff outside the halo - so it’s not just the limits of the lens, or occlusion from the mount.
I wondered if this is a ‘feature’ of the camera supplied with the Genesis kit?
If so, is there a better USB camera I can use instead?

Secondly, can anyone recommend a decent (waterproof) webcam that’s compatible with FarmBot? It would be nice to see what it’s doing from my Office.

Thanks in advance,


Si, can you take your phone or another camera and take a photo of your FarmBot boroscope camera. You may have condensation in your camera that is causing this issue.

The FarmBot OS is likely compatible with most web cams but we have had good success with Nest web cams.


The camera likely has water, condensation, or debris or the lens is cracked. If we could get a view of the camera from the outside we could likely get a better idea about what is causing this issue.

Alternatively, you can order a new camera from our store and we have them 50% off right now: