Can an unmodified 2x6x8 be used as the width of the Express XL?

I just ordered a Farmbot and I’m working on building a raised garden bed. I want to make this as easy as possible using the kind of lumber that is easy to obtain in my country… imperial nominal wood. The max width of the Express XL says that it’s 2.4m. That is slightly less than 8ft. Would the length of a nominal 2x6x8 be too long for the width of the bed? Do I need to trim off a little off the board? The less cutting I need to do the better.

@JasonThompson Hello and Welcome !

I’m not a trained Engineer but I can look up numbers :slight_smile:

  • Express XL Gantry Main Beam extrusion
    2400 mm
  • Express XL Maximum fixed raised bed outer width
    2300 mm
  • 2x6x8 imperial nominal wood
    2438 mm

I.e. Maybe 5.4" oversize :slight_smile:

The Documentation for Express XL warns about exceeding the width :open_mouth:

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