Can FarmBot resist the harsh weather conditions?

I’m planing to obtain a Farmbot unit, but the harsh weather conditions in my region of the world -The middle east- makes me hesitate to do so. Unless if Farmbot can resist a harsh & dusty weather with a temperature that could easily reach (50* Celsius / 122* Fahrenheit approximately), not to mention all the dust and desert storms that comes by.

Therefore, I would like to inquire about this topic. Can Farmbot survive these conditions ?
If not, how can I solve this problem ?

Im not sure how well plants would be able to grow in such a harsh environment, the dust would probably murder the electronics plus the Farmbots belts and aluminium would slowly disintegrate from the constant san blasting.

If you put the farmbot in a green house you would be fine I would think. No one has really put up any documentation on the stresses that the Farmbot can handle but if it was me a would go for a green house.

This topic is already being discussed here.

Hi donnie91,

Im in Abu Dhabi and recently purchase a Farm Bot. Where have you setup your unit? Also do you have any tips?