Can I test FarmBot Software with only RPi3 and Arduino Mega 2560

Hello professional,

I have some question, Now I have RPi3 (FarmBot OS installed) and Arduino Mega 2560 (FarmBot firmware installed). I would like to test FarmBot software to see how it works, but I face some problem while I logged in to my farmbot account to see connection between RPi3 and my account but it still shown me Bots offline.

**Can I test FarmBot Software with only RPi3 and Arduino Mega 2560 no any hardware, Please suggest me **

Thank you

Did you configure FarmBot OS to connect it to your WiFi and web app account?

Dear Gabriel,

I had configured SSID and Password for my FarmBot OS but cannot connect to network yesterday. Right now, I can solve the problem. The cause of this problem is multiple authentication SSID network configuration, It was made my RPi3 cannot connect to the internet.

Thank you very much.

At one point I had my Farmbot software with the configurator run and a rpi3 and arduino mega connected. I put LED’s on pins 8,9,and 10 of the arduino. These are switches within the farmbot software and I was able to test and run the led’s from within the farmbot connection. Be sure to use a 220 or better resistor so as not to burn anything out. Possibly a more technical person could confirm what I was doing would not hurt the system.

I could send pictures of the sequence that I used. and the breadboard of LED’s