Can´t make z homing going up and positive

I tried all combination possible using device configuration INVERT ENCODERS, INVERT ENDPOINTS, and INVERT ENCODERS

I can make Z homing going up and negative OR going down and negative also
but I can´t going up and positive

is there something wrong with my logic or it is a software issue?

in my opinion movements going up should be positive and movements going down must be negative. am I right with that?
it is better to reference zero at top level? am I right?

Homing always moves toward zero, detects the end, and sets the location as zero. You can set the coordinates moving away from zero as either positive or negative by disabling or enabling NEGATIVE COORDINATES ONLY, and set the direction by using INVERT MOTORS.

If you would like movements traveling up to be positive, you could use negative coordinates and set the zero at the top or set the zero at the bottom and use positive coordinates.

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You can do this by inverting your stepper driver cable. For example, if you have the yellow wire at the top and the black wire at the bottom, turn the connector upside down. The app will use the same logic but the motor will physically rotate in the opposite direction.

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Toggling the INVERT MOTORS setting in the Hardware widget is the same as inverting the motor connector, starting with FarmBot OS version 3.1.6.

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For the axis to go negative like that, you have to switch on the ‘negative only’ switch.

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